About Us

Florist, Flower shopFlowers of Memphis provides exception designs and service, catering to all budgets. More than 45 years in the floral business, we cater to corporate businesses, five-star hotels, upscale restaurants and private homes throughout Memphis and its surrounding area. Whether we're creating a luxurious personal arrangement or staging a full-scale event, we don't just sell a product; we provide an unforgettable floral experience.


Flowers of Memphis unique floral installations are as distinctive as the properties in which they are located. We consider every corporate client to be a partner, and focus on individualizing each design concept for each space. Whether it is a contemporary or a conservative arrangement, let us exceed your expectations with our quality of product, creative brilliance, and dedication to service and maintenance.


Flowers of Memphis unique blend of traditional elegance and modern chic will make your wedding forever memorable. The quality of our flowers is unrivaled, and our dedication and service will make your wedding experience effortless. Understated elegance and contemporary simplicity sets us apart as the premier wedding floral designers in the Memphis area. Call master designer John Adams (901) 337-4421 now.


When nothing less than perfection will do, a flawless floral design partner is a must. Flowers of Memphis caters to the most exclusive venues in Memphis, creating extraordinary affairs for all our special clients. From intimate gatherings to full-scale events, our wealth of knowledge, resources and innovation establishes us as the most sought-after floral designers in the Cordova and Memphis area.


The most exclusive addresses in Memphis demand the most elegant furnishings, down to the smallest detail. Flowers of Memphis luxurious floral creations complement any elegant hotel space, from sign-in to the spa, from boardroom to the ballroom. Our attention to detail, design and service will make us the guest you never want to check out.